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Job title: PhD student

Job description: We are seeking talented PhD students to work at the frontiers of materials science and condensed matter physics. Students will use molecular beam epitaxy to fabricate artificial functional materials, and use angle-resolved photoemission to directly resolve the electronic band structures. They will explore new possibilities of interfacial phenomena including but not limited to interfacial superconductivity, interfacial topological phenomena, and interfacial devices. Backgrounds in solid state physics and materials science and engineering are preferred.

Please send your CV to Prof. Yang (yangsl@uchicago.edu)

Job title: Postdoctoral scholar

Job description: We are seeking experts in hard condensed matter with experience on thin film deposition or angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Candidates with a strong background on ultrafast optical spectroscopy are also strongly encouraged to apply. Projects include 1) Phenomena at the interface between chalcogenide and oxide materials. 2) Hybrid opto-solid state systems enabled by MBE and ultrafast electron spectroscopy. Postdocs will be given opportunities to work at the material deposition and characterization lab on the main campus of the University of Chicago, and also will be exposed to potential collaborations at Argonne National Laboratory.

Please send your CV to Prof. Yang (yangsl@uchicago.edu)

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