Job Opportunities

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) seeks talented individuals to join our faculty and staff. You can find information about academic, staff, postdoctoral, and undergraduate job opportunities below.


You can find open academic positions at PME and apply on UChicago’s academic careers site. This site also provides detailed information about academic positions with the University.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in a relevant field of study and have an outstanding research record. PME’s research areas of emphasis include water, energy, theory and computation, and any area of molecular engineering.

Our faculty are expected to establish and maintain a strong research program and teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We also encourage joint appointments with Argonne National Laboratory when appropriate.

An essential component in the school’s success, PME’s administrative team assists with financial management, facilities oversight, marketing and communication, human resources, and other matters.

Interested applicants should visit UChicago’s job opportunities site for more information and to apply.

PME’s postdoctoral researchers, including scholars and fellows, engage in mentored research in a vibrant, collaborative, and interdisciplinary environment. They work closely with professors and other scientists to advance study in PME’s major research themes. 

You can find available postdoctoral positions on individual lab group pages. If interested in an available position, contact the lead faculty member of the lab group.

Additionally, the Immunoengineering Postdoctoral Training Program awards fellowships to support research and professional development training for select postdoctoral scholars who aspire to become principal investigators.

PME hires undergraduate students for research, clerical, and administrative work. 

Research positions

We welcome both UChicago and non-UChicago undergraduates from all disciplines—particularly molecular engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry—to pursue summer research positions at PME.

To apply, familiarize yourself with our faculty and their areas of research, and contact them directly to inquire about summer research positions. Be prepared to submit a resume that details your prior research experience, and a personal statement (if requested) describing your research interests. If you do not have a significant background in science or research, this is your opportunity to explain why.

You may also explore open positions and apply through UChicago Handshake

University of Chicago undergraduates may be able to extend their laboratory-based research over the academic year. Non-UChicago undergrads can participate during the summer term.  

Clerical and administrative positions

To learn about clerical and administrative positions, contact our human resources department.

Contact us

Santana R. Bradford

Human Resources & Academic Affairs Generalist