Professor Giulia Galli with graduate students.


Founded on the principle of collaborative problem-solving, PME encompasses a team of researchers, innovators, and administrators who each bring a specialized skill set, expertise, and perspective to our research and educational endeavors. 

We select our community purposefully, bringing together individuals committed to finding solutions to pressing world issues and to moving forward the fast-growing and emergent field of molecular engineering.

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By the numbers

  • 400+

    Faculty, students, researchers, and research staff

  • 40

    Faculty at PME

  • 25+

    Fellows and instructors across campus and Argonne

Meet our students

Taylor Gray

“PME is committed to providing learning experiences that are designed to help us become more effective communicators and teachers, and to encourage us to become involved with our community.”

Phil Rauscher

"The people here aren't just interested in being great engineers - they want to redefine what engineering is. No other place has that kind of vision."

Viviana Palacio-Betancur

“Living in Hyde Park has given me the perfect balance between being immersed in a scientific community and being close enough to the city that I can attend many cultural events.”

Researchers in Simon Lab

Fellows & Instructors

Fellows and instructors from UChicago and partner institutions fulfill important roles, bringing expertise from a wide range of disciplines to the laboratory and classroom.

PME fellows engage in strategic planning and initiatives, including faculty recruiting, collaboration on research and education programs, joint efforts in secure research funding, and co-advising graduate students. Instructors advise, teach, and run laboratory components for primarily undergraduate students.

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