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Molecular engineering is about approaching grand challenges from a materials or molecular perspective and designing and testing solutions - using any and all tools and disciplines - from the molecular level up. This is transdisciplinarity at the foundation and guides how research & development is approached and how the next generation of talent is trained.

PME researchers are primed to ask questions and look for solutions with a multi- and transdisciplinary perspective. They are also likely to be better trained to communicate their approaches and outcomes to broad and non-expert audiences due to the training culture and environment.

At the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME), we encourage companies to engage and create new value with:

  • Premier talent
  • Interdisciplinary solutions from cutting-edge research
  • World-class materials characterization and processing facilities

Pritzker Molecular Engineering is a collaborative environment geared toward enhancing corporate innovation efforts, where students are given the keys to incorporate scientific advances and molecular building blocks into tomorrow’s advanced products, materials, and processes.

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