Quantum at the University of Chicago

Quantum Science and Engineering

The University of Chicago has assembled a world-class group of scientists and engineers who are leading the quantum revolution. In addition to our cutting-edge faculty in physics, engineering, and chemistry, we offer one of the nation's first doctoral programs in quantum science and engineering.

  • 20+ lab groups at PME and UChicago engaged in quantum research
  • Chicago region named an official U.S. Regional and Innovation Technology Hub for quantum technologies
  • Close partnerships with National QIS Research Centers at Argonne and Fermilab

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Logos of seven partners

Hong Qiao

Noah Glachman

Bernien Lab


“Quantum computing has the potential to solve some of the world's biggest problems. I'm proud to be a part of a team here making that happen.”

Anchita Addhya

High Lab


“PME brings these diverse fields together and has this very collaborative environment that I really appreciate.”

José A. Méndez

Awschalom Lab (co-advised by Hannes Bernien)


“Study something that you find interesting and I guarantee we can use you here.”

We are training students to become the next generation of leaders in science, engineering, and beyond. ”

Dean Nadya Mason

Why Engineering at the University of Chicago?

  • 100% of PhD students start research in their first year
  • PME’s leading faculty experts unite eight scientific and engineering disciplines through an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Students work with 40+ internationally recognized faculty members and 20+ researchers from Argonne National Laboratory
  • More than 200 PME graduates have entered roles as data scientists, engineers, and research consultants, or continued their research at academic institutions.