Soft Matter Characterization Facility

Getting Started

If you're interested in starting a project with the Soft Matter Characterization Facility (SMCF), please follow the instructions below.

Internal Users

1. All interested new internal users (students, faculty, and staff employed and/or directly affiliated with the University of Chicago) should contact the technical manager to discuss project scope and details.

2. The technical manager will arrange instrument-specific training sessions via email on an individual or group basis, depending on demand.

3. Prior to instrument training, new users must have completed the UChicago Chemical Hygiene Plan Training in EHSA.

4. All new internal users must provide a 6 digit FAS account number that their PI has designated for billing of instrument time.

5. Electronic door access to ERC220 will be provided during weekday daytime hours (M-F 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) to all trained and approved users. Experienced users may be provided 24-7 access upon request. Please provide your ChicagoID number (on back of your ID card) to the technical manager to receive this access.

External Users

Students, faculty, and staff employed by institutions other than the University of Chicago should contact the technical manager for more details about executing your projects at the SMCF and to start the registration process.