Postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral Opportunities at PME

PME’s postdoctoral researchers, including scholars and fellows, engage in mentored research in a vibrant, collaborative, and interdisciplinary environment. They work closely with professors and other scientists in full-time appointments to advance study in PME’s major research themes. 

  • Postdoctoral scholars (PDSs) are divisional appointments intended for postdoctoral training and are generally supported by restricted funds. PDS appointments are usually for a 12-month term renewable for up to three additional years until a fixed end date.* Each PDS will have a primary faculty sponsor responsible for developing a mentoring program for the trainee with clearly established expectations and goals. PDSs are considered UChicago employees.
  • Postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) are divisional appointments to formal postdoctoral training programs funded through training grants or fellowships. PDF appointments are generally for a 12-month term renewable for up to three additional years until a fixed end date.* In both cases, postdocs go through annual reappointment up to a maximum of five postdoctoral training years (including postdoctoral training at another institution). PDFs are not considered UChicago employees.

Extension of appointment beyond a total of five years is possible only when warranted by special circumstances. The total duration of an individual’s postdoctoral experience may not exceed seven years, including postdoctoral work at other institutions.

You can find available postdoctoral positions on individual lab group pages. If you are interested in an available position, contact the lead faculty member of the lab group.

Additionally, the Immunoengineering Postdoctoral Training Program awards fellowships to support research and professional development training for select postdoctoral scholars who aspire to become principal investigators.