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PME-City Colleges of Chicago Summer Program

The PME hosts up to 25 students from the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) each summer for a three-week, intensive introduction to Molecular Engineering, exploring three thematic research areas: Immuno-engineering, Quantum Engineering, and Materials Systems for Sustainability and Health.

The course, designed to open pathways for more City Colleges students to transfer into four-year STEM degree programs, has been part of PME’s mission since the school’s 2019 launch with a $100 million commitment from the Pritzker Foundation. “Some of our first conversations were about how we could show our commitment to the city by broadening the pipeline of underrepresented Chicago students into STEM majors and professions,” said Matthew Tirrell, dean of Pritzker Molecular Engineering and the Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor. “As the nation’s first school of molecular engineering, PME is uniquely positioned to introduce students to this emerging field.”


This program is open to students enrolled at the City Colleges of Chicago for a 3-4 weeklong program that features: 

  • Daily lectures and laboratory experiences in the thematic areas of the PME
  • $1500 stipend
  • Guidance on applying to 4-year STEM programs
  • Opportunities to network and learn about laboratory assistantships during the academic year

To be eligible for the PME-CCC program, an applicant must: 

  • Not hold a 4-year degree from any institution, 
  • be enrolled at a City College of Chicago.
  • have a GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of the application.
  • completed a minimum of 10 credit hours in at least 2 different science disciplines (physics, biology, chemistry, or math) 


Applications for Summer 2024 will open between February and March of 2024. 


For information about how to join the PME-CCC Summer program or how to host a PME-CCC participant in a laboratory, contact Rovana Popoff

Educational Outreach