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Tirrell Group

Yu Tian, PhD

Yu Tian received his BS in polymer science and engineering and MS in materials science from Donghua University in 2011 and 2014.

In 2018, he obtained his PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Delaware, where he conducted research about the designable and controllable self-assembly of peptide-based nanomaterials under the supervision of Professor Darrin Pochan and Professor Kristi Kiick.

He is a current postdoctoral scholar in Tirrell’s lab and LaBelle’s lab at the University of Chicago, with research focusing on the design and synthesis of multicomponent and multifunctional peptide amphiphile micellar drug delivery systems, aiming at the intracellular delivery of biomacromolecular therapeutics. 

Areas of research expertise:

  • Self-assembly
  • Peptide materials
  • Nanomedicine
  • Peptide drugs

Being trained as a peptide materials scientist, Tian is currently in pursuit of the biomedical application of the self-assembled peptide materials. By designing and synthesizing a peptide amphiphile-based nanomedicine system, he is trying to tackle the two major hurdles in the application of biomacromolecular therapeutics: targeting and intracellular delivery, thus improving current cancer therapy.