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Trinity Campagna

Trinity Campagna was born and raised in Painesville, Ohio, where she attended Riverside High School and graduated in 2018. She is now an undergraduate Odyssey Scholar at the University of Chicago, where she is pursuing a BS in molecular engineering. She spent the summer after her first year of undergraduate studies working at Duke University with Dr. Christine Payne. During her time there, she researched nanoparticle protein coronas as well as the impact of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on lung cancer cells. Trinity also attended the Southeast Center of Mathematics and Biology 2019 Undergraduate Workshop at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where there was a large focus on DNA self-assembly and mathematical modeling. She is also a Peer Health Advocate on campus and is the publicity chair and treasurer of the UChicago A Cappella Council. She also prides herself on being the former manager of the finest Subway in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, and being the most enthusiastic waitress Denny’s has ever seen.

Trinity will be working with postdoctoral researcher Dr. Alexander Marras on his projects dealing with micelle manipulation for the delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids. This research has a large focus on how different material properties will impact the size, shape, and stability of the nanoparticles.

Physical property scaling relationships for polyelectrolyte complex micelles

Alexander E Marras, Trinity R Campagna, Jeffrey R Vieregg, Matthew V Tirrell. "Physical property scaling relationships for polyelectrolyte complex micelles", Macromolecules, 2021.

Comparing Zwitterionic and PEG Exteriors of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles

Ting, Jeffrey M., Alexander E. Marras, Joseph D. Mitchell, Trinity R. Campagna, and Matthew V. Tirrell. "Comparing Zwitterionic and PEG Exteriors of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles." Molecules 25, no. 11 (2020): 2553.