Tirrell Group

Jelena Dinic, Ph.D.

Jelena Dinic received her PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago working with Dr. Vivek Sharma. Her dissertation research focused on studying the extensional rheology response of polymer solutions with the goal of understanding how macromolecular stretching affects extensional viscosity and polymer relaxation dynamics, and consequently, determines processability for printing, coating, dispensing, and spraying applications. She began her postdoctoral research in the Tirrell group in Spring 2019. Her research interests broadly lie in understanding and investigating interactions and dynamics of neutral and charged polymers.

Polyampholyte physics: Liquid–liquid phase separation and biological condensates

Dinic, Jelena, Amanda B. Marciel, and Matthew V. Tirrell. "Polyampholyte physics: Liquid–liquid phase separation and biological condensates." Current opinion in colloid & interface science 54 (2021): 101457.