Aman Agrawal
Tirrell Group

Aman Agrawal, Ph.D.

Aman Agrawal started his postdoctoral research at UChicago in Fall 2023, co-advised by Profs. Matthew  Tirrell (PME) and Jack Szostak (Chemistry). He received his PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Houston working with Dr. Alamgir Karim. His dissertation research focused on studying polyelectrolyte coacervate droplets out-of-equilibrium where he subjected coacervate colloids to chemical gradients in order to stabilize them against fusion or form complex morphologies (nested droplets and vesicles) and electrical gradients to organize them in pattern or generate internal flow. Prior to this, Aman received his BTech and MTech degrees in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. In his masters research, he worked with Prof. Ashutosh Sharma on carbon-metal-oxide hybrid materials for energy storage in batteries and supercapacitors.

Aman’s current research focuses on the role of interaction and non-interacting polymers in non-enzymatic RNA replication, protocells, and RNA phase-separation.