Tirrell Group

Abe Herzog-Arbeitman

Abe is a second-year undergraduate studying chemistry and molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. He is a research assistant under Jeff Ting and is currently working on synthesizing model-charged copolymers.

Abe is involved in synthesizing block copolymers and charged polymer matrices using the RAFT technique. Once produced, these polymer coacervates can be used to examine the effects of charge density, block size, and monomer polarity on the viscoelastic properties of the matrix on a larger scale. Ideally, these effects could be tuned to exhibit certain structural and chemical properties and subsequently optimized for a large variety of applications as part of the Materials Genome Initiative.

Synthesis and Assembly of Designer Styrenic Diblock Polyelectrolytes

Jeffrey M. Ting, Hao Wu, Abraham Herzog-Arbeitman, Samanvaya Srivastava, Matthew V. Tirrell. Synthesis and Assembly of Designer Styrenic Diblock Polyelectrolytes. ACS Macro Letters. 2018. Vol. 7, Pg. 726-733.