Sean Lee
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Sean Lee

Sean received his B.S. in Chemistry with a specialization in Materials Science from the University of Virginia. During his undergraduate, he worked with Dr. Brooks Pate on developing a new analytical method using rotational spectroscopy and machine learning and also with Dr. Liheng Cai on microfluidics devices for double emulsion fabrication. Currently, Sean is pursuing a PhD in Chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Stuart Rowan and Dr. Sihong Wang. Sean enjoys listening to music in his free time. 

coadvisor: Professor Sihong Wang

Start date: 2020

Optimization of liquid crystal elastomer and stretchable conductive polymer for soft robotics actuation.

Exploring the effect of dynamic bond placement in liquid crystal elastomers

Charlie A. Lindberg, Elina Ghimire, Chuqiao Chen, Sean Lee, Neil D. Dolinski, Joseph M. Dennis, Sihong Wang, Juan J. de Pablo, Stuart J. Rowan. Journal of Polymer Science (2023) 1-9