Rowan Group

Neil Dolinski

Neil was born in Franklinville, New Jersey. He stayed in New Jersey to obtain his BS in materials science and engineering from Rutgers University, where he studied gold nanoparticle synthesis in the lab of Laura Fabris. After graduating, Neil joined the Materials Department at the University of California Santa Barbara in pursuit of his PhD under the supervision of Craig Hawker. Neil’s graduate research focused on the real-time monitoring of photo-mediated chemical transformations (photochromic molecules and controlled photopolymerizations) and the use of different colors of visible light to trigger orthogonal curing reactions for additive manufacturing. In the Rowan Group, he hopes to learn more about dynamic bonding motifs and their incorporation into materials systems.

Neil’s research focuses on the development of dynamic materials with properties that can be manipulated by light.

Leveraging the Polymer Glass Transition to Access Thermally Switchable Shear Jamming Suspensions

Chuqiao Chen, Michael van der Naald, Abhinendra Singh, Neil D. Dolinski, Grayson L. Jackson, Heinrich M. Jaeger, Stuart J. Rowan*, and Juan J. de Pablo*, ACS Cent. Sci. 2023, 9, 4, 639–647

Controlling the Morphology of Dynamic Thia-Michael Networks to Target Pressure-Sensitive and Hot Melt Adhesives

Katie M Herbert, Neil D Dolinski, Nicholas R Boynton, Julia G Murphy, Charlie A Lindberg, SJ Sibener, Stuart J Rowan. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 23, 27471–27480

Dynamic reaction-induced phase separation in tunable, adaptive covalent networks.

Herbert, K. M., Getty, P. T., Dolinski, N. D., Hertzog, J. E., de Jong, D., Lettow, J. H., … Rowan, S. J. (2020). Dynamic reaction-induced phase separation in tunable, adaptive covalent networks. Chemical Science, 11(19), 5028–5036.