Benjamin Rawe
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Benjamin Rawe

Ben grew up in Lichfield, Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. His research career started while earning his undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Bristol, where he spent two summers and a final year master's project studying organometallic complexes. After graduating from Bristol with a first class honors degree in 2011, he moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada to do his PhD under the supervision of Professor Derek Gates. During this time, he studied main-group-containing polymers, and his thesis focused on the photophysical properties of various novel phosphorus-containing macromolecules. Having arrived in the Rowan lab, he is keen to learn more about polymer synthesis, structure-property relationships, and supramolecular chemistry.

Ben's research focuses on developing new interlocked polymers. He aims to develop synthetic routes to poly[n]catenanes with a view of learning about the material properties of these unique macromolecules.

Development of Masitinib Derivatives with Enhanced Mpro Ligand Efficiency and Reduced Cytotoxicity

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Understanding How Cationic Polymers’ Properties Inform Toxic or Immunogenic Responses via Parametric Analysis

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Balancing ring and stopper group size to control the stability of doubly threaded [3]rotaxanes

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The effect of thread-like monomer structure on the synthesis of poly[n]catenanes from metallosupramolecular polymers

Marissa M. Tranquilli, Benjamin W. Rawe, Guancen Liu, Stuart J. Rowan, RSC Chem. Sci., 2023, 14 2596 DOI: 10.1039/D2SC05542B

Polycatenanes: synthesis, characterization, and physical understanding

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Metastable doubly threaded [3]rotaxanes with a large macrocycle

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Material properties and applications of mechanically interlocked polymers

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