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Adarsh Suresh

Adarsh was born in Mumbai and brought up in Bangalore, India. He received his BS in chemical engineering and chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2018. His undergraduate research under the guidance of Professor Robert Hamers (UW-Madison, chemistry) was focused on visible light induced photoactivation of diamond nanocrystalline films for ammonia synthesis and carbon dioxide photoreduction. Adarsh joined Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering in Autumn 2018 where he is co-advised by Professors Chong Liu and Stuart Rowan.

Adarsh's spirit bird is the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus).

Adarsh’s research is focused on developing and modifying new porous polymer network materials for heavy-metal and transactinide element separations and resource mining from sea water using highly selective electrochemical methods.

Macroscale Fabrication of Lightweight and Strong Porous Carbon Foams Through Template-Coating pair Design

Adarsh Suresh, Stuart J Rowan, Chong Liu, Advanced Materials, 2023, 2206416