Rowan Group


The Rowan Group has many instruments for material synthesis and characterization, but being at the University of Chicago enables the use of several different, high-quality, characterization facilities as well. This page lists many of these resources.


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Thermal Characterization Suite (ERC 273A)

Sporting the latest technology from TA Instruments, the thermal characterization lab is fully equipped for thermal or rheological analysis of soft matter.  Polymeric materials can undergo a battery of tests including differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), and shear rheology. 

Spectroscopy and Mechanical Analysis Suite (ERC 273B)

Equipped with both a UV-NIR Spectrometer and Infrared Spectrometer from Shimadzu, the spectroscopy suite allows the Rowan group to analyze the chemical compositions of their systems, both in solution and in solid state.  Additionally, the Zwick tensile analysis duo generates mechanical information related to the polymeric films developed within the group. 

Polymer Size Characterization Suite (ERC 275B)

Using a Shimadzu gel permeation chromotography system equipped with a Wyatt dynamic light scattering detector, the Rowan group can easily and accurately characterize new polymers and define particle size distributions.

Preparatory Instrumentation (ERC 220)

These important instruments allow the Rowan group to complete a variety of work-up procedures necessary to prepare quality samples for future steps or for analysis.  Included in the laboratory is a melt press, centrifuge, lyophilizer, and conductometric titration system. 

Facilities Around Campus

The University of Chicago houses several characterization facilities for use by faculty and students alike.  Larger instruments such as nuclear magnetic spectroscopy (NMR) systems, atomic force microscopes (AFM), matrix assisted laser deposition ionzation (MALDI), and many others are all made available on campus.