Picture of Jonathan
Awschalom Group

Jonathan Marcks

  • Graduate Student

  • Contact: marcks@uchicago.edu
  • Office Location:
    Eckhardt Research Center LL225
    5640 South Ellis Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60637

Pronouns: he/him (né Karsch)

Jonathan joined the Awschalom Group in 2017 after graduating from Cornell University, where he worked in the Fuchs Group, and is a 2019 recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. He studies diamond spin baths, and is interested in how the underlying physics affects quantum sensing protocols. Outside of the lab, he enjoys baking gluten free bread and biking along on the Chicago Lakefront Trail.

A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects

D. D. Awschalom, H. Bernien, R. Brown, A. Clerk, E. Chitambar, A. Dibos, J. Dionne, M. Eriksson, B. Fefferman, G. Fuchs, et al. A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects. United States. 2022. https://doi.org/10.2172/1900586. https://www.osti.gov/servlets/purl/1900586.

Tunable and Transferable Diamond Membranes for Integrated Quantum Technologies

X. Guo, N. Delegan, J. C. Karsch, Z. Li, T. Liu, R. Shreiner, A. Butcher, D. D. Awschalom, F. J. Heremans, A. A. High. Tunable and Transferable Diamond Membranes for Integrated Quantum Technologies. 2021. Nano. Lett. 10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c03703.