Awschalom Group

Complete Photo Gallery

Elena and Jonathan at graduation (June 2023)
Jacob and Cyrus celebrate the end of a successful summer with summer students Elizabeth and Tiarna (August 2022)
Erszi, Masaya, and Berk, some of the first Quantum Science and Engineering PhD graduates, graduated today! (June 2022)
Comedian James Murray takes a birthday tour of our labs, 2022
Grant sets up long fibers in our basement for the quantum LAN, 2020
Chicago Quantum Exchange, 2019
Tommy La Stella visits the lab, 2018
Revolution Brewing, 2016
The past and present melt together, Himeji Castle, 2016
 The Rainbow Coalition, 2016
Peter and Chris representing the PME at the Great Wall, 2015
Andrew and Brian enjoying Basel, 2015
Promontory Point, 2015
The Italian way to eat pizza, 2014
What happens in Konstanz, stays in Konstanz, 2014
Future Home of the Awschalom Labs, underground in the William Eckhardt Research Center, 2014
Setting up in Chicago, 2013
Charlie wears sunglasses at night, 2013
Do not stack, 2013
Charlie and Chris explore La Citadelle and its touristy photo ops, Quebec City, 2013‚Äč
Group Photo, 2012
Abram negotiates a treaty of mutual understanding with the kangaroos, Phillip Island, Australia, 2012
An emu, uninterested in peace treaties, sneaks up on Abram, Phillip Island, Australia, 2012
Chris and Andrew make friends, Tokyo, Japan, 2011
"I come in peace", Nara, Japan, 2011
Abram and Bob enjoy the romantic coastline of Italy, 2011
Andrew is an enthusiastic traveller, 2010-2011
Jazz Hands, CNSI, 2009
Will hanging out with the birds, Kobe Bird and Flower Garden, Kobe, Japan, 2009
Don't tell Greg's girlfriend, Nara, Japan, 2008
Greg contemplates animal husbandry, Nara, Japan, 2008
Group Photo, 2008
Hiking in Iao Valley State Park, Maui, 2007
Insectus Contrapticus, Robot House, 2006
Roberto's graduation party, 2006
Getting a quick lunch, Japan, 2005
Group Photo, 2005
Nate and the Elsevier Bookworm, APS March Meeting, Montreal, 2004
Greg and the Geico Gecko, APS March Meeting, Pittsburgh, 2009
Group Photo, 2003
Working in the lab, 2003
Roberto working on the MBE chamber, 2003
A very rare photograph of Professor Stephan von Molnar, Leipzig, sometime between 1940-1945