Water and Energy

Water and energy, the most basic resources of our planet, are interwoven in countless ways. Water is required to produce energy; we also need energy to extract, purify, and deliver usable water to humans.

With a growing global population, demand for water and energy will rise, putting more strain on our natural resources. The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering is looking at the water and energy nexus to engineer solutions from the molecular level up that will address urgent problems in these areas.

Our cross-disciplinary network of researchers studies the fundamental structure and dynamics of water to better understand its properties. Students and faculty work side-by-side, applying a variety of molecular engineering approaches to address how to better purify and use water.

Molecular engineering is often the only solution to issues of global energy use, and our researchers are tackling the problem. Here, faculty and students work with our partners at Argonne National Laboratory to develop batteries, fuel cells, and other energy-storing devices, in addition to pioneering new techniques for energy harvesting.

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