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Tengzhou Ma

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Tengzhou was born in Tengzhou, but grew up in Beijing, China. He completed his bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from Imperial College London in 2016. From there, he moved to the United States and joined the Patel Group at the University of Chicago, where he is currently pursuing his PhD in molecular engineering.

Tengzhou’s current research focuses on leveraging functional semiconducting polymers as energy conversion and storage applications. His work involves understanding charge transport and morphological properties of conjugated polymers.

Intrinsic glassy-metallic transport in an amorphous coordination polymer

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Presynthetic Redox Gated Metal-to-Insulator Transition and Photothermoelectric Properties in Nickel Tetrathiafulvalene-Tetrathiolate Coordination Polymers

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Probing the evolution of conductivity and structural changes in vapor-F4TCNQ doped P3HT

Mark F DiTusa, Garrett L Grocke, Tengzhou Ma, Shrayesh N Patel. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2022

Correlating conductivity and Seebeck coefficient to doping within crystalline and amorphous domains in poly (3‐(methoxyethoxyethoxy) thiophene)

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Ionic Dopant‐Induced Ordering Enhances the Thermoelectric Properties of a Polythiophene‐Based Block Copolymer

Ban Xuan Dong, Ziwei Liu, Jonathan W. Onorato, Tengzhou Ma, Joseph Strzalka, Peter Bennington, Christine K. Luscombe, Christopher K. Ober, Paul F. Nealey, Shrayesh N. Patel. 2021,2106991

Continuously graded doped semiconducting polymers enhance thermoelectric cooling

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Complex Relationship between Side-Chain Polarity, Conductivity, and Thermal Stability in Molecularly Doped Conjugated Polymers

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Leveraging Sequential Doping of Semiconducting Polymers to Enable Functionally Graded Materials for Organic Thermoelectrics

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