Patel Group

Mark DiTusa

Mark proudly hails from Baton Rouge and received bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Chemistry from Louisiana State University, with research backgrounds in polymer synthesis and surface characterization. He joined the UChicago Department of Physics in the fall of 2016, and studies under Dr. Shrayesh Patel in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, bringing his knowledge of polymers and materials science to work. Mark believes very strongly in science communication and policy, having originated “Experimental”, LSU’s podcast that highlights its researchers and research, and continues to strive towards educating himself about how to bring science to and to make science work for a broader audience.

Probing the evolution of conductivity and structural changes in vapor-F4TCNQ doped P3HT

Mark F DiTusa, Garrett L Grocke, Tengzhou Ma, Shrayesh N Patel. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2022

Complex Relationship between Side-Chain Polarity, Conductivity, and Thermal Stability in Molecularly Doped Conjugated Polymers

Ban Xuan Dong, Christian Nowak, Jonathan W Onorato, Tengzhou Ma, Jens Niklas, Oleg G Poluektov, Garrett Grocke, Mark F DiTusa, Fernando A Escobedo, Christine K Luscombe, Paul F Nealey, Shrayesh N Patel. Chem. Mater. 2021, 33, 2, 741–753