Patel Group

Arvin Sookezian

Arvin hails from Burbank, California, with a BA in chemistry from Occidental College. While there, he became involved with undergraduate research, focusing on inorganic chemistry and electrochemistry under the mentorship of Michael G. Hill. He began attending the University of Chicago in September 2016 in pursuit of a PhD in chemistry.

Arvin's research includes synthesis and characterization of conductive dynamic networks and polymers.

Ion-Conducting Dynamic Solid Polymer Electrolyte Adhesives

Ryo Kato, Priyadarshini Mirmira, Arvin Sookezian, Garrett L Grocke, Shrayesh N Patel, Stuart J Rowan. Ion-Conducting Dynamic Solid Polymer Electrolyte Adhesives. ACS Macro Letters. 2020, 9, 4, 500–506