Nealey Group

Chang-Geun Chae

Chang-Geun Chae received his Bachelor’s degree from Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Inha University (Republic of Korea) in 2011. Afterward, he joined Prof. Jae-Suk Lee’s group at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (same country) and received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Department of Nanobio Materials and Electronics and School of Materials Science and Engineering in 2013 and 2019, respectively. During graduation courses, he studied kinetics of living anionic polymerization and functional polymer synthesis. Now, he is working as a postdoctoral scholar in PME at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Prof. Paul Nealey.

Chang-Geun Chae’s current research focuses on precise synthesis of block copolymers through living anionic polymerization and their directed self-assembly.