Tian Zhong

  • Assistant Professor of Molecular Engineering
  • Research and Scholarly Interests: Quantum Photonics, Quantum Information, Quantum Networking, Solid-State Quantum Technologies
  • Websites: Zhong Lab
  • Contact: tzh@uchicago.edu
  • Assistant: Misha Maxey
  • Office Location:
    Eckhardt Research Center
    Room 291
    5640 South Ellis Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60637

Zhong Lab focuses on developing enabling nanoscale photonic and molecular (e.g. rare-earth-ion doped crystals) technologies for building quantum hardware to realize an efficient, scalable quantum internet.

Positions are available for students and postdocs.

Epitaxial Er-doped Y2O3 on silicon for quantum coherent devices
M. K. Singh, A. Prakash, G. Wolfowicz, J. Wen, Y. Huang, T. Rajh, D. D. Awschalom, T. Zhong, S. Guha. Epitaxial Er-doped Y2O3 on silicon for quantum coherent devices. APL Materials. 2020. Vol. 8, Pg. 031111. 10.1063/1.5142611.

Epitaxial Er-doped Y2O3 on Silicon for Quantum Coherent Devices
APL Materials (March, 2020)

Subkilohertz optical homogeneous linewidth and dephasing mechanisms in Er3+:Y2O3 ceramics
R. Fukumori, Y. Huang, J. Yang, H. Zhang and T. Zhong. Phys. Rev. B 101, 214202 (2020) Editors' Suggestion

Emerging rare-earth doped material platforms for quantum nanophotonics
T. Zhong and Ph. Goldner. Nanophotonics (2019).

Optical addressing of single rare-earth ions in a nanophotonic cavity
T. Zhong, et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 183603 (2018)

On-chip storage of broadband photonic qubits in a cavity-protected rare-earth ensemble
T. Zhong, J. M. Kindem, J. Rochman, and A. Faraon, Nature Commun. 8, 14107 (2017).

Nanophotonic quantum memory with optically controlled retrieval
T. Zhong, et al. Science 357, 1392-1395 (2017)

Coupling of erbium dopants to yttrium orthosilicate photonic crystal cavities for on-chip optical quantum memories
E. Miyazono, T. Zhong, I. Craiciu, J. M. Kindem, and A. Faraon, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 011111 (2016).

High quality factor nanophotonic resonators in bulk rare-earth doped crystals
T. Zhong, J. Rochman, J. M. Kindem, and A. Faraon. Opt. Express 24, 536-544 (2016).

Non-destructive photon detection using a single rare earth ion coupled to a photonic cavity
C. O'Brien, T. Zhong, A.Faraon, and C. Simon, Phys. Rev. A. 94, 043807 (2016).

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