Esser-Kahn Group: Aaron Esser-Kahn

Associate Professor of Molecular Engineering

Esser-Kahn Group



Our research interests lie at the intersection of biology, chemistry and materials science. We believe in using the tools from each discipline for the task at hand. Our group’s current research focuses on three projects that function as extensions of this philosophy. First, we are currently working toward microvascular thermal and gaseous exchange units. We are using knowledge derived from biology to replicate structures adapted for gas capture. Second, we are creating materials for reprogramming the immune system. Using tools from materials chemistry, we are creating polymer facades designed to rewire the immune system toward desired targets. Third, we are working towards creating synthetic tissue scaffolds.


Aaron was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He may tell you that he is from Detroit, but he is not. He attended the Cranbrook educational community from grades K-12. He traveled west to study chemistry at the California Institute of Technology where he first developed a taste for boundary breaking research in the Tirrell lab. After completing his degree, he traveled north to Berkeley for a PhD in chemistry as part of the collaborative Chemical-Biology Program and the Francis lab.

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