Zander Galluppi
Esser-Kahn Group

Zander Galluppi

As a proper midwestern boy hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Zander has cavorted around the beautiful heart of the US pursuing science for most of his life. He completed his BS in biophysics at the University of Michigan before working as a technician in Dave Holtzman's neurology lab at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Since 2017, Zander has been a member of the Committee on Immunology at UChicago; he decided to join the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the Esser-Kahn Group after experiencing the dull heartache and existential longing engendered by too much separation from quantitative and biophysical sciences.

Outside of the lab, Zander can be found on the tennis court desperately chasing the glory days of his high school varsity career. He is also extremely passionate about acting and performance, often shamelessly demeaning himself on stage for the sake of ART. He is also a Cancer.

Biophysics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2016)