Esser-Kahn Group

Riley Knight

Riley fell in love with research while in Dr. Ethan Lippmann’s lab at Vanderbilt studying the blood-brain barrier and neurodegenerative disease. While the subject of her research may have shifted, her approach to working in the lab has not. She can usually be found listening to My Favorite Murder or This Podcast Will Kill You while running experiments. When not in lab, Riley is usually trying new recipes in the kitchen or baking a batch of scones (which she loves to share with lab mates). She is particularly obsessed with her rescue cat, Jarvis, and will enthusiastically share photos of him upon request.


Chemical Engineering and Spanish, Vanderbilt University (2020)



“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Riley is beginning a project to discover new small-molecule inducers of trained immunity through high-throughput screening. She hopes to harness these modulators to improve vaccines and cancer therapeutics.