Esser-Kahn Group

Flora Kimani

Flora is originally from Nairobi, Kenya. She got her BS in chemistry from University of Nairobi, where she gained research experience working in Professor Abiy Yenesew’s natural products lab. There she was exposed to the wide array of medicinal plants that are endogenous to Kenya. She worked to extract, isolate, and identify active principles of these plants. Professor Abiy encouraged her to apply for PhD programs in the United States, and she was accepted into University of Arizona in Tucson. There she worked with Dr. John Jewett and developed a new class of water-soluble triazabutadienes. These compounds offer one of the mildest ways of generating diazonium species in aqueous solutions. After getting her PhD, she joined the Esser-Kahn lab in September 2016.

Flora's favorite quote is, "...forget your past failures and successes and look forward..." from Ms. Muindi, high school teacher.

Flora's research includes bioconjugation, immunology, and organic synthesis.