Esser-Kahn Group

Lab Equipment

The Esser-Kahn laboratory is a recently renovated (2018) laboratory space in Kovler Hall at University of Chicago.  The lab has 10 chemical fume hoods, 9 10’x3’ benches, a molecular biology suite, and three Biosafety Level 2 suites. The following equipment is located in the laboratory space:           

Chemical Synthesis and Characterization Instrumentation

  • Agilent Analytical HPLC – A complete HPLC with fraction collection capabilities and more than 10 columns for reverse-phase and aqueous size exclusion chromatography on an analytical scale.
  • Gilson Preparative HPLC - A complete HPLC with fraction collection capabilities and three columns for reverse-phase and aqueous size exclusion chromatography on a preparative scale.
  • Agilent LC-ESI-MS – An HPLC solvent system with more than 10 columns coupled to an ESI-MS detector for characterization of small molecule and biomacromolecular analytes.
  • Äkta FPLC – A FPLC system for characterization and purification of biomacromolecular analytes.
  • ISCO Flash Chromatography System – Automated column chromatography instrument with ability to run four solvents for purification of small molecules using normal- and reversed-phase techniques.
  • GE ATR FT-IR system – An in-situ system for fast analysis of chemical transformation and reactivity.
  • Automated Peptide Synthesizer – An automated Fmoc-based microwave peptide synthesizer for synthesis of novel epitopes and native chemical ligation for synthesis of biomacromolecules.
  • Automated DNA Synthesizer – An automated DNA synthesizer to prepare large quantities of oligos
  • Rotovaps/Centrifuges (micro and floor)/SpeedVac – Instrumentation for the purification of synthetic molecules
  • Gel Electrophresis Station – Instrumentation for purification and analysis of biomacromolecules.
  • Lyophilizer – Used to dry small molecule and biomacromolecular samples for analysis and dilution.
  • Gas Chromatograph


Biological Analysis Instrumentation

  • Zeiss Axiovert Microscope – A fully capable fluorescent microscope with an automated XYZ stage and live imaging capabilities.
  • ACEA Flow Cytometer – Two-color flow cytometer for analysis of ICS and cell-surface maker data.
  • Nano-Drop 2000c – Instrument for rapid UV-VIS analysis of protein and oligonucleotide samples
  • 3x 6’ Cell Culture Hoods – Used for cell culture and preparation of sterile samples
  • 3x Nuaire Cell Culture Incubators – Incubators for storage of in-vitro cultures, one of which is equipped with an orbital shaker for culture of suspension and expression of recombinant proteins.
  • Plate Reader – Spectrophotometer to analyze absorbent, fluorescent, and luminescent analytes.
  • BioRad PCR Instrument – Standard PCR instrument for expansion of DNA.
  • Azure 600 Gel Imaging System
  • CytoSurge FluidFM 


Other Sample Prep, Tools, Storage:

  • Spin Coater
  • Shakers, including electrodynamic shaking platform
  • Sonicators
  • Ball mill
  • 2x -80 degrees C freezers
  • Cryotank for cell storage
  • Vacuum oven
  • NanoPure water filtration system
  • FLIR infrared camera
  • Solvent stills for DMF, THF, and DCM
  • RoboSep automated cell sorter