PhD Program

Our program brings together students from a wide range of disciplines to address problems of global significance.

We welcome students who specialize in materials science, physics, chemical and biological engineering, and more. Our innovative approach to science and engineering drives solution-focused collaboration. The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) offers PhDs in Molecular Engineering and Quantum Science and Engineering.

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Learning from Leaders

When you start your graduate work at Pritzker Molecular Engineering, you'll find a growing team of top-tier researchers from diverse science and engineering disciplines to support you.

Your professors–pioneers in their fields–will quickly become your mentors. They will connect you with our partners in academia, industry, and government.

You'll have access to research advisors not only at PME, but also at the prestigious Argonne National Laboratory, as well as fellow STEM departments including chemistry, physics, and immunology. This adds up to an environment teeming with exciting discoveries, new technologies, and innovative solutions–where you can grow into a leader in the field of molecular engineering.

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A Program Built for the 21st Century

We take our role as the first school in the nation dedicated to molecular engineering seriously. It drives us to carve out a new path in engineering research and education.

We transcend traditional boundaries by bringing together interdisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists to holistically address societal issues. Our pioneering approach to education teaches you not only the fundamentals of molecular engineering, but also how to communicate your work to a variety of audiences. You'll have the opportunity to take electives across the University—from business classes at Booth to policy courses at Harris Public Policy to astrophysics in the Physical Sciences Division.

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World-class Labs, Cutting-edge Facilities

PME’s main hub, the William Eckhardt Research Center, features cutting-edge facilities like our biomolecular research labs, cleanrooms, molecular imaging facilities, and nanofabrication facility.

Plus, most PME faculty members have joint appointments at Argonne, so you’ll have access to even more world-class facilities, in areas including scattering, imaging, and computation.

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Contact Us

For general inquiries about the PhD program, questions on financial aid, or to schedule a visit to PME, please contact

David Taylor
Dean of Students
Phone: 773.834.2057

Aaron Esser-Kahn
Chair of the Admissions Committee