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The Jiang Group investigates quantum control and quantum error correction to protect quantum information from decoherence for various physical platforms, with potential applications for quantum sensing, quantum transduction, quantum communication, and quantum computation.

The Jiang Group is recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.


Principal Investigator

Liang Jiang


Liang Jiang theoretically investigates quantum systems and explores various quantum applications, such as quantum sensing, quantum transduction, quantum communication, and quantum computation. His research focuses on using quantum control and error correction to protect quantum information from decoherence to realize robust quantum information processing. He has worked on modular quantum computation, global-scale quantum networks, room-temperature nano-magnetometer, sub-wavelength imaging, micro-optical quantum transduction, and error-correction-assisted quantum sensing and simulation.

Coherent optical nanotweezers for ultracold atoms

P. Bienias, S. Subhankar, Y. Wang, T-C. Tsui, F. Jendrzejewski, T. Tiecke, G. Juzeliūnas, L. Jiang, S. L. Rolston, J. V. Porto, and A. V. Gorshkov, Phys. Rev. A 102, 013306 (2020).

Optimal probes and error-correction schemes in multi-parameter quantum metrology

W. Górecki, S. Zhou, L. Jiang and R.Demkowicz-Dobrzański, Quantum 4, 288 (2020).

Cavity piezo-mechanics for superconducting-nanophotonic quantum interface

X. Han, W. Fu, C. Zong, C.-L. Zou, Y. Xu, A. Al Sayem, M. Xu, S. Wang, R. Cheng, L. Jiang, H. X. Tang, Nat. Commun. 11, 3237 (2020).

Efficient Multiphoton Sampling of Molecular Vibronic Spectra on a Superconducting Bosonic Processor

C. S. Wang, J. C. Curtis, B. J. Lester, Y. Zhang, Y. Y. Gao, J. Freeze, V. S. Batista, P. H. Vaccaro, I. L. Chuang, L. Frunzio, L. Jiang, S. M. Girvin, and R. J. Schoelkopf, Phys. Rev. X 10, 021060 (2020).

Error-corrected gates on an encoded qubit

P. Reinhold, S. Rosenblum, W. L. Ma, L. Frunzio, L. Jiang, R. J. Schoelkopf, Nat. Phys. (2020).

New perspectives on covariant quantum error correction

S. Zhou, Z.-W. Liu and L. Jiang, arXiv:2005.11918 (2020).

Perfect coherent transfer in an on-chip reconfigurable nanoelectromechanical network

T. Tian, S. Lin, L Zhang, P. Yin, P. Huang, C. Duan, L. Jiang, and J. Du, Phys. Rev. B 101, 174303 (2020).

Efficient cavity control with SNAP gates

T. Fösel, S. Krastanov, F. Marquardt, and L. Jiang, arXiv:2004.14256 (2020).

Error-detected state transfer and entanglement in a superconducting quantum network

L. D. Burkhart, J. Teoh, Y. Zhang, C. J. Axline, L. Frunzio, M. H. Devoret, L. Jiang, S. M. Girvin, R. J. Schoelkopf, arXiv:2004.06168 (2020).

Sub-Hertz resonance by weak measurement

W. Qu, S. Jin, J. Sun, L. Jiang, J. Wen and Y. Xiao, Nat. Commun. 11, 1752 (2020).

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