PhD Students

Dean and Pritzker Director
Matthew Tirrell


David Awschalom

Hannes Bernien

Nicolas Chevrier

Andrew Cleland

Aashish Clerk

Juan J. de Pablo

Aaron Esser-Khan

Andrew Ferguson 

Giulia Galli

Monisha Ghosh

Supratik Guha

Alex High

Jun Huang

Jeffrey Hubbell

Nancy Kawalek

Chong Liu

Peter Maurer

Juan Mendoza

Paul Nealey

Jiwoong Park

Shrayesh Patel

Rama Ranganathan

Stuart Rowan

James Skinner

Melody Swartz

Savas Tay

Sihong Wang 

Shuolong Yang 

Tian Zhong

The Doctoral Program in Molecular Engineering

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering attracts PhD students from a range of disciplines--materials science, physics, chemical and biological engineering, and more--to collaborate in problem-specific areas. Through training in fundamental principles across multiple fields, Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) provides the foundation critical for communicating, engaging, and leading across traditional boundaries.

At the center of PME is a growing team of world-class researchers from diverse science and engineering disciplines who take a hands-on approach to mentoring students and cultivating relationships with industrial and academic partners--resulting in exciting discoveries, new technologies, and innovative solutions.

The William Eckhardt Research Center includes cutting-edge clean rooms, molecular imaging facilities, biomolecular research labs, and a wet-lab for a nanofabrication facility and other materials work. In addition, the majority of PME faculty members have joint appointments at the Argonne National Laboratory and therefore have access to numerous superb facilities in areas including scattering, imaging, and computation.


Prof. Paul Nealey
Director of Graduate Studies

Rovana Popoff
Senior Associate Dean and Dean of Students

David Taylor
Associate Dean of Students

Lisa Abston-Leftridge
Assistant Dean of Students



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