Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

AY 2021-2022 EDI Report

Vision and Principles

Establish and communicate PME commitment and vision for EDI

  1. Published publicly available EDI annual activity reports

Teaching and Learning

Promote and cultivate an inclusive environment for pedagogy

  1. Completed first year of graduate peer mentoring program
  2. Completed first year of graduate peer tutoring program

Faculty and Staff

Improve hiring, diversity, equity, inclusion, retention, and satisfaction

  1. Development of staff professional development opportunities for EDI courses and certification.


Improve the climate of inclusion and equity

  1. Completed second year of Assembly staff recognition (“virtual high fives”) program
  2. Completed first year of PME small grants initiative
  3. Launched PME EDI awards program
  4. Supported PME Annual Women’s Luncheon
  5. Developing climate survey (Fall 2022 launch date)

PhD and Master’s Programs

Elevate diversity and climate of equity and inclusion

  1. Close collaboration with graduate admissions office to promote EDI efforts to prospective students
  2. Financial and mentorship-based PhD fellowships contributed to yield most diverse PhD cohort in PME history

Civic Engagement

Promote opportunities and engagement with local community

  1. Prioritization of local and URM-owned vendors for PME events