Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

AY 2021-2022 EDI Plan

Three-year strategic goals, metrics and AY 2021-2022 actions

Vision and principles

Establish and communicate PME commitment and vision for EDI

  1. Circulate annual EDI progress report to PME community.

Teaching and learning

Promote and cultivate an inclusive environment for pedagogy

  1. Institute mentorship program for undergraduate students. The program will be modeled based on lessons learned from PhD program and will launch for AY 22 cohort.

Faculty and staff

Improve hiring, diversity, equity, inclusion, retention, and satisfaction

  1. Incorporate EDI training into staff and postdoc onboarding. The EDI component will be defined by consulting with counterparts & completing research to implement onboarding training.

  2. Make available staff professional development opportunities. Time allowances and financial support will be defined before launching the program.


Improve the climate of inclusion and equity

  1. Administer annual student, staff, faculty demographic, and climate survey. Trends will be analyzed and reported to the PME community.

  1. Administer annual EDI maturity survey. Members will analyze survey results to extract trends and report them to the PME community.

PhD and master’s programs

Elevate diversity and the climate of equity and inclusion

  1. Recruit faculty and students at URM feeder schools & conferences. EDI committee members will visit schools and conferences and track applicant statistics from targeted schools and groups.

  1. Connect PhD and Master’s students with alumni. Establish database and virtual handshakes while measuring outcomes by program uptake and placement statistics.

Civic engagement

Promote opportunities and engagement with the local community

  1. Involve Alumni Council & Advisory Board in EDI efforts. EDI efforts will be reported to the Council and Board regularly seeking support and engagement. 

  2. Establish community partners for sustained outreach and commitment.