Teaching Resources

Pedagogical training is a required component of doctoral education, and University resources can help you acquire the skills and experiences you need to feel at ease in the classroom, whether you are leading a discussion section, lecturing about lab techniques, or teaching a course of your own design. There are a host of resources and training opportunities that are useful for beginners and experienced teachers alike. From workshops and mentoring opportunities at the Center for Teaching and Learning to the digital resources and consulting services of Academic Technologies, the resources and training opportunities in this section will help you to learn to use your knowledge to engage and challenge talented college students.

University Teaching Resources

Academic Technologies

The office of Academic Technologies provides information technology for instructors, such as audio-visual equipment; supporting media classrooms, which may be reserved through the registrar; and managing Chalk, where instructors can post online course materials, syllabi, assignments, and tests for their students.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning is committed to helping new and experienced instructors increase their practical and theoretical knowledge of university teaching. The center serves faculty and students teaching in the College and across the four graduate divisions primarily through workshops, seminars, and conferences that address topics ranging from theories of education to hands-on application of techniques, from basic teaching strategies to the use of new technologies. The center also provides a number of resources. Graduate students will especially benefit from teaching and midterm course evaluations, the certificate in university teaching, and the online tutorial.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar offers on-line access to class lists and grade rosters, information on grading including quarterly deadlines, and course information and related documents, including college course evaluations.

Adult and Community Education

There are several opportunities for students to get involved with adult and community education through the University. Please consult the list below for a brief overview of some of your options.

Graham School of General Studies

The University's Graham School of General Studies offers a wide array of credit and non-credit courses for enrichment and professional development. Advanced graduate students should contact the Graham School directly for information about teaching opportunities.

Mentoring Programs

The Chicago Multicultural Connection and LGBTQ Mentoring Program offer graduate students a critical role in sharing their personal and professional experiences with an undergraduate in the College.

Neighborhood Schools Program

The Neighborhood Schools Program hires University of Chicago undergraduate and graduate students to assist grammar and high school teachers in over fifty parochial, private, and public schools surrounding the University of Chicago. Students may be asked to tutor students, help prepare lessons, grade papers, or lead discussions under the teacher's supervision.

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