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Bradley Studnitzer

Raised in Rockland, New York, Brad left to study chemistry at Haverford College. There he worked with Joshua Schrier on electronic structure theory to predict whether membranes would be suitable for gas separations. Additionally, he performed research with Frances Rose Blase to synthesize these membranes for gas separations. He got his BS in chemistry in 2017. And joined the Esser-Kahn Lab the following year.  Outside of lab, Brad enjoys playing soccer and tennis and hanging out by lake Michigan.

Brad's research focus is in the field of immuno-biology.  Brad is working on two projects.  In the first project, Brad is characterizing a rate dendritic cell state that leads to a faster and stronger immune signaling response than a typical dendritic cell.  By better understanding the function of these cells, we eventually hope to be able to use them as targets for vaccine delivery systems.   In the second project, Brad is trying to better understand the biological pathways that lead to contact dermatitis.  By studying the pathways of contact dermatitis, we hope to discover novel ways to reduce or prevent sensitization to contact allergens.