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Nick's research concerns the development and application of multiscale theoretical and computational methods to design sustainable soft materials with advanced electronic, ionic, and optical functionalities.  Unique to his approach is a combined expertise in the quantum-mechanical simulation of chemical processes, the multiscale modeling of soft materials, and the application of machine learning algorithms to molecular systems, with experimental collaborations underscoring the majority of his work.


Nick is currently a Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellow in the Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory.  He also holds a Visiting Scientist position in the laboratory of Juan de Pablo at the University of Chicago.  His current research concerns the development and application of computational algorithms for the multiscale design of soft materials. This work is coupled with active experimental collaborations with Matt Tirrell's group on the study of polyelectrolyte brushes, and Mark Ediger's group on characterizing vapor-deposited molecular glasses.

Nick's graduate work was performed at Northwestern University under the guidance of Mark Ratner and Lin Chen, with funding from a NSF GRFP Fellowship and a Northwestern Presidential Fellowship.   From 2011-2016 he worked on the development of graph theoretic methods for characterizing optoelectronic networks in soft materials.  Nick also collaborated with George Schatz and Monica Olvera de la Cruz on the atomistic simulation of conjugated copolymers, and with Tobin Marks on the design of organic photovoltaic materials.  Nick holds a B.A. in Physics from Wesleyan University, where he worked with Prof. Fred Ellis on vortex drag in superfluid Helium II.

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