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Mike is interested in using statistical mechanics and molecular simulation to study physical and chemical processes that span multiple timescales and lengthscales, often with an emphasis on soft matter materials. His research often seeks to connect molecular-level details to physical observables, requiring both the application and development of theoretical techniques that permit the systems or processes to be studied. His graduate work principally involved the study and prediction of (1) ion-transport phenomena in polymers and (2) isotope effects relevant to atmospheric and geochemical processes.

In the de Pablo group, Mike’s research centers on enhanced sampling strategies, nuclear quantum effects at interfaces, and the structure and dynamics of high-molecular weight polymer systems.


Mike was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. He then studied at UC Berkeley, graduating with Highest Honors with B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Applied Physical Science and a minor in Materials Science from UC Berkeley in 2011. Subsequently, Mike moved to Caltech to perform doctoral research under the advisement of Prof. Thomas F. Miller III, becoming a fellow of the Resnick Institute in 2012, and obtaining his ChE Ph.D.  in 2016 for studies in path-integral and coarse-graining strategies for complex molecular phenomena. His thesis earned him the Herbert Newby McCoy award for outstanding achievement in research in chemistry.

He moved to Chicago and joined the de Pablo Group in November 2016 and is currently a postdoctoral scholar for the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering. He will join the Princeton CBE Department in January 2020 as an assistant professor ( 

Outside of research, Mike enjoys playing/watching sports, training for triathlons, and hanging out with his wife and cats.

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