de Pablo Group: Joshua Moller

Graduate Student

de Pablo Group


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    William Eckhardt Research Center Room 351

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DNA is the fundamental essence of our genetic code. Within cells, DNA compacts around histones over a long strand, known as chromatin, which then further compacts to form chromosomes. A detailed understanding of this process is yet to be fully determined. Using Brownian Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics simulations, we can obtain a detailed understanding of a process central to human life. More specifically, we will be observing the effects of detailed polymer models under complex hydrodynamic systems to better understand the formation of chromosomes.


Joshua hails from Highland Park, Illinois. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in June of 2015. He continued his streak of never leaving the state of Illinois by pursuing a Ph.D in molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. Currently, he is researching DNA simulations in Professor Juan de Pablo’s group, which he joined at the end of 2015. Beyond his love for the state of Illinois and sitting in front of computers, Josh is an avid Pokemon and scotch fan, sometimes combining both of his passions at the same time.

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