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Aron studies the structure of chromatin.  DNA, the fundamental building block of our genetic makeup, codes for functional proteins through it's primary structure -- the sequence of its four different nucleic acids. Gene expression, however, is influenced by higher order structures of DNA and DNA-protein complexes (chromatin), from the wrapping of DNA around histone proteins to form nucleosomes on the 10 nanometer scale, to the formation of chromatin loops hundreds of nanometers wide, to nuclear subdomains on the scale of entire chromosomes. My research focuses on characterizing the details of these structures across multiple length scales through Molecular Dynamics simulations of complex, detailed polymer models for chromatin.


Aron was raised in Huntington, New York on Long Island. He received his BS with high honors in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Cornell University in May, 2017.  After experimenting at the undergraduate level in geochemistry, condensed-matter physics, and synthetic biology, he turned his interests toward computational research. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago, advised by Prof. Juan de Pablo. In his spare time, he enjoys modern art, film, hiking, and gaming.

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