Research Opportunities

Students interested in research opportunities with the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering should first take the time to familiarize themselves with our faculty and their particular areas of research. Inquiries should be made directly with the faculty.  Most summer research hires are made in early spring, but students should begin the process by talking with faculty in the winter term.  University of Chicago students working in labs over the academic year are often able to continue their work into the summer term subject to the recommendation of their lab supervisor.  Similarly, if their performance is satisfactory, students hired for summer research positions may be able to keep their positions through the academic year.

Non-UChicago undergraduates are allowed to undertake laboratory-based research at the University of Chicago only during the summer term (understood as the first day after the end of the spring quarter to the last day before the beginning of the autumn quarter).  They must be registered as Non-Degree Visitors and are subject to all fees associated with their status.

Students approaching faculty to inquire about research positions in their labs should be prepared with current academic records, an updated resume detailing prior research experience, and a personal statement describing research interests (if you do not have a significant background in science or research, this is your opportunity to explain why).

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