Argonne National Laboratory

By integrating Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering into its organizational structure and offering joint appointment to all Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) core faculty, Argonne National Laboratory elevates its historical partnership with the University of Chicago to a new level. This new partnership model not only provides PME faculty unprecedented access to Argonne resources, including world-class facilities, leading scientists, technology platform, and expertise in managing projects for industrial and commercial applications, but also affords Argonne scientists opportunities to work closely with PME researchers on global scale problems and challenges. This partnership will not only benefit Argonne and PME, but could potentially strengthen the Chicago-area economy and community as a whole.

University Partners

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering is founded on the principle of building partnerships with fellow University entities working in STEM fields. Such partnerships provide synergistic impact to the research programs that are already making a powerful impact in their respective fields.

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship

Because Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) finds real-world applications for its research, the partnership with Chicago Booth’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will maximize the scope and impact of future technologies. The Polsky Center is aimed at new venture creation and start-ups, and PME Pritzker Director Matt Tirrell expects this partnership to add a new dimension to PME’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

Institute for Translational Medicine

Some of the most exciting research happening at PME can be applied to help medical patients. Beyond developing innovative diagnostic tools and therapies, molecular engineers can manipulate human tissue and cells. A partnership with the Institute for Translational Medicine, medical researchers and physicians can mean leaps in the way patients are diagnosed and treated. Clinical physicians are strong partners for PME because they are practical-minded and want to help the patients they see every day at the University of Chicago Medicine, according to Tirrell.

External Partners

Corporate Partners

The PME Corporate Affiliate Program is an important bridge connecting PME scholars, research, and technology to global innovation leaders in industry. Benefits of being a Corporate Affiliate include:
·       Personalized access to superb students trained not only in science and engineering but also in product design and entrepreneurship;
·       In-depth previews of PME's latest scientific discoveries and transformative technological developments;
·       Exclusive access to a broad portfolio of research capability and expertise associated with faculty in both PME and the Division of the Physical Sciences.

Corporations that are interested in developing an affiliation with the PME should email Dr. Felix Lu.

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