Computational Materials Modeling

The Master of Engineering degree with a specialization in Molecular Engineering and Computational Materials Modeling provides students with advanced training in applied mathematics, thermodynamics, transport, quantum engineering, multiscale materials modeling, numerical methods, machine learning, and statistical data analysis.

The course sequence blends molecular engineering, quantum and classical simulation, and data science to provide an integrated training program for the simulation, design, and engineering of materials at scales ranging from Angstroms to meters.

In-depth domain electives permit domain specializations in biomaterials, polymer physics, quantum materials, scale-up, or experimental design.

In-depth methods electives offer specializations in data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, optimization, or visualization.

A humanities or business elective provides foundational training in ethics, epistemology, new venture start-up, or commercialization.

This integrated program of study will place students to be at the forefront of multiscale materials simulation and design, and to prepare them for careers or advanced studies in molecular engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, applied physics, polymer science, and allied fields.

Faculty leads: Juan de PabloAndrew Ferguson