Jiang Group

Changchun Zhong

Changchun was born and raised in Ruijin, China. He came to US in 2012 and obtained a Ph.D. in physics from Purdue University in 2017, then joined Liang’s group at Yale. He used to work on the theory of General relativity and black hole, Rydberg atoms and mesoscopic quantum physics. His current interests are quantum information theory and is now working on continuous variable quantum computations. He loves Math riddles in the spare time, like the following one:

If a blind man were given 50 coins, with 10 of them heads up. Is there a strategy for him to divide the coins into two groups, each having the same number of coins heads up?

Changchun is working on theory of quantum transduction, which refers to the transformation of quantum information between different frequencies.

Cavity piezo-mechanics for superconducting-nanophotonic quantum interface

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Entanglement of microwave-optical modes in a strongly coupled electro-optomechanical system

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Radiative Cooling of a Superconducting Resonator

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Proposal for Heralded Generation and Detection of Entangled Microwave–Optical-Photon Pairs

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