Squires Group

Allison Squires’ research interests center on manipulating, measuring, and understanding the properties and behavior of single molecules. Advancing our capability to obtain rich biophysical data on a molecule-by-molecule basis reveals details that are obscured in bulk measurements, enabling us to build bottom-up models of complex systems.

The Squires Group employs single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and single-molecule manipulation and confinement to develop sensing platforms that report on spectroscopic identity, molecular dynamics, and nanoscale energy transfer. These approaches are useful in a wide range of scientific contexts, from observation of nanoscale biomolecular interactions in cellular signaling pathways to photoadaptation in photosynthetic systems. There is also work to adapt these approaches to applied challenges in alternative energy technologies and biomedical diagnostics.

The Squires Group is currently accepting postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. Please send an e-mail to Allison Squires below for consideration.



Principal Investigator

Allison Squires