Event: Special Seminar: Challenges and Limitation for Implementing a Dynamic Quantum (Secured) Optical Network


December 6, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


William Eckhardt Research Center, Rm 201B


Host: Prof. Tian Zhong

Reza Nejabati, SMIEEE, Fellow HEA
Professor of Intelligent Networks
Head of High Performance Networks Group
University of Bristol

The existing deployments and field trials of quantum secured data communication are limited to point-to-point and short-distance quantum channels over dedicated mediums. There remain major challenges for using quantum channels in coexistence with classical data communication channels in a modern dynamic telecom network such as 5G. These challenges require attention of the R&D community in both quantum and classical domains. This talk aims to shed some light on challenges and technological solutions for creating a dynamic optical network that supports quantum secured communication. It will focus on key quantum enabled network technologies such as quantum router as well as software defined and machine learning assisted quantum-aware network orchestrator. It will also give an overview on a recent field trial of the world first quantum secured 5G network.

Reza Nejabati is currently a full professor and head of High Performance Network Group in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in University of Bristol. He has established successful and internationally recognised research activities in University of Bristol on “Software Defined Network”, “Network Virtualisation” and “Quntum Secured Networking”. Under his leadership, these research activities have been transformational and have done major contributions in open, programmable and quntum secured Telecom Infrastructure. His research received the prestigious IEEE Charles Kao Award 2016. Building on his research portfolio over the last 3 years, he co-founded a successful start-up company (Zeetta Networks Ltd).

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