Event: IME First Thursday Distinguished Colloquium Series


June 7, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ERC 161


Speaker: Andrei Tokmakoff
Professor, Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago

Title: "The Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Protons in Liquid Water"

Crystallization of water in clouds is critical for precipitation and to determine the radiative properties of the atmosphere. Despite decades of research, there are still significant uncertainties in the prediction of the rates of ice nucleation, and about what is the structure of the ice crystals that form under different atmospheric conditions. In this presentation I will discuss our work using molecular simulations and theory to elucidate the microscopic pathways of ice formation, the structure and interfaces of atmospheric ices, and the role of soluble molecules, surfaces, and pores on controlling the rates and mechanisms of ice nucleation.

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