Event: IME Seminar: Etienne Caron


February 5, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ERC 161


Speaker: Etienne Caron
ETH Zurich

Title: "Decoding cancer antigenomes by SWATH-MS for effective immunotherapies"

Over the past years at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, I have contributed to the development of an innovative mass spectrometry (MS) technology, known as SWATH-MS, which enables robust quantitative measurements of proteins and MHC-associated peptides across large sample cohorts. During this seminar, I will show how a similar technology has been successfully deployed to demonstrate that tumor-specific neoantigens do exist as physical molecules in cancer and represent key targets of T cells in response to checkpoint immunotherapy. In addition, I will show how SWATH-MS permits quantification of protein interaction dynamics in primary T cells. Finally, I will present my long-term vision and how to take MS technology towards highly precise and efficient cancer immunotherapies.

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